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Lambert's Castle

Lambert's Castle and the nearby Coney's Castle are iron-age hill forts of different characters but both are well worth visiting. They are less than a mile apart. The car park for Lambert's Castle is at map reference SY 366 988.

Lambert's Castle has a large central grassy area which is closely cropped as it is grazed by rabbits, sheep and castle. The slopes to north and east are covered with ancient woodland which has some interesting trees and plants. It is a SSSI of geological interest, owned by the National Trust. It also has interesting wild flowers. We visited in June 2016 with our two cats and dog and again in June 2019 with just our dog. Photos are from both dates.

Just down the hill to the northeast is the Bottle Inn, Marshwood which has a page on Wikipedia and is host to Dorset's annual nettle-eating competition.

Wikipedia has a page on Lambert's Castle

A map is available showing where the photos were taken - the link opens in a new window.

Lambert's Castle is shown on map of Lambert's and Coney' Castle (opens in a new window).

Coney''s Castle

This is a quite different hill fort 1Km south of Lambert's castle - the walk between them is only 650m on the road. As well as the last two photos there are more on our page on Devon Hedges in Dorset

Coney''s Castle is not heavily grazed so the central area is much more wild and has many more wild flowers, although the log grass can make ot slightly impenetrable.

There are two long distance footpaths through both Coney''s Castle and Lambert's castle - The Liberty Trail and the Wessex Ridgeway

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