1: Entrance to lane at SY 5102 9865

2: Further down the lane

3: Start of the walk at SY 5070 9768

4: Track with eroded channel

5: Track with eroded channel

6: Further down, walking is easier

7: The track has opened out

8: Entrance to Beningfield Wood

9: A Holloway north of West Milton

10: A disused Holloway

11: Entrance to Holloway from West Milton

12: Holloway in West Milton

13: The path enters fields

14: Track along the valley side

15: Track now wooded to one side

16: Cows on track

17: The cows blocked the track

18: The path changes character again, now wending through bracken.

19: and into a thicket.

20: The path descends into the valley

21: The path enters a wood

22: A stile

23: In the wooded area

24: A grove of shuttlecock ferns

25: The path becomes a stream bed

26: A water trough

27: The last bit of the path is steep

28: The path entrance from the road